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Poor Standard of Service

I have Booked my consignment at 8:46 AM Dated 09/10/17 & chose a Standard Shipping so it reaches customer as earliest, as it was too late and it was told that Consignment Book before 12:00 PM Pick up will be done on the same day, but they failed, and Improper management, No proper tracking updates. they just try to trick customer saying that your product will be Picked in between 2 PM or Latest by 7:30 but till 2 days no pick up will be taken, & after 6 PM Shipyaari job is over for the day and Mobile phone gets switched off, so that no customer should not disturb them and they are not bothered of customers, this is how they serve the customer & give commitment of giving best service. Shipyaari cannot be recommended for e-commerce & if product are not reached on time customer will Bombard & ask for cancellation of the product finally customer will have loss of interest on your company, at last who is gonna bare the loss of payment gateway & other charges...?

            This is my first order from customer, and shipyaari made it failure ever after several attempt made tracking my product. At initial Stage itself Shipyaari proved its service to be Damn Worst and i'm really fed of this. If such type of service is given then i would rather prefer to deactivate my account.


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