We would like to inform you of the packaging guidelines for shipping your orders. Mentioned below are the guidelines that you need to follow while packaging your orders:

Shipping Label & Paperwork

  •  The print of the label must be clear and readable. Shipping label must not have any additional markings.
  •   Barcodes should be scan-able.  The size of the label must not be re-sized or altered while printing.
  •  Shipping label must be affixed on the flat side of packaging (Barcode &to/From Address must be visible clearly on the face of the package).
  •   Shipping label must be affixed on the most visible / largest side of the package. Ensure that the shipping label is not folded along any edge of the package.
  •  Tax/Retail invoice is a mandatory document to be handed over along with every package at the time of pickup. Tax/Retail invoice should     mandatory have you GST Number mentioned on it.
  •   Duly filled-in Inward/Outward Regulatory Forms should be provided to the Pick-Up Associate.


  • All items must be packed in packaging (envelope/box/polybag).
  • The packaging material used should be sturdy and the package should be transport-worthy.
  • Adequate cushioning should be provided to prevent the movement of item(s) within the package.
  •  All items for one order must be packed in one package.
  •  Packages containing Hazmat or fragile products should carry required label.

For deliver exceptions, RTO address needs to be mentioned on the packing material as well as on the invoice, so that it will be delivered back to you safe and secure.

Happy Selling..!! 

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