Please refer to the below mandatory guidelines to ship your packages as per Courier companies Terms and Conditions :


1) Tax/Retail invoice is a mandatory document to be handed over along with every package at the time of pickup. Tax/Retail invoice sholud mandatorily have you VAT/CST Number mentioned on it.


2) Do not put the Tax/Retail invoice inside the package as this would be required for “In-Transit” inspections.


3) The shipping label should be pasted on the package. The Tax/Retail invoice along with applicable regulatory forms/documents should be kept inside the document pouch affixed on the outer package. Please note that the shipping label slip is not a substitute for Tax/Retail invoice.


4) Ensure that your Tax/Retail invoice is raised with a clear break-up of the tax amount in the name of your customer (buyer) who has placed an order with you on any platform you sell your products.


5) Your Tax/Retail invoice should not mention any marketplace/website name instead of there registered name as either a seller or a customer/buyer.


6) Failure to follow these guidelines may result in your packages not being picked up or can be held at sales tax offices or check post and shall be liable for penalties upto 70% of invoice value.


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