Benefits you will get through API Integration:

  1.  You can link your website with our website. And no manual data pass on to be required. Save time & chance of error reduce to good extent. 
  2. You can see Shipping Charges on your website at the time of scheduling a consignment to avoid confusion of billing on later stage.
  3.  Your various vendors can see their costing before hand for shipping. Multi vendor management can be done. 
  4.  End users can also track the parcel through your website.
  5.  With API, you can pre-define the entry tax or other state tax applicable to respective pin code. So this will help you to recover extra tax amount from end users, if you wish so.  

               (i) Where Do I Find the Sales Tax Form for My Shipments? 

               (ii) What are different types of Taxes levied in different states ? 

        6.Traffic of your website get increase & not split between your website & Shipyaari. This will help you in google analytics & helps in SEO activity.

Yes without API you can go with multi pick up option, In this you will be provided Shipyaari master dashboard and your vendor will get individual dashboard to manage their shipments. And you can see above mentioned all the points through our Dashboard as well.